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NanDigits Design Automation is an EDA company located in San Jose, California that was founded in 2007. Our expertise lies in providing functional netlist ECO, functional safety fault verification, and netlist debug services. Our GOF platform comprises four functional components, namely GOF ECO, GOF Formal, GOF LEC, and GOF Debug.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best functional netlist ECO tool, GOF ECO, in the market. Compared to our competitors, GOF ECO can achieve the smallest patch size in functional netlist ECO. We are working tirelessly to enter the automotive IC market, and GOF Formal provides an efficient way to achieve fault coverage compared to the traditional simulation-based method.

Our Customers

Since our first product launch in 2008, we have successfully completed functional netlist ECO in over 100 tapeouts. Our customers include renowned companies such as Applied Micro, Telechips, Kionix Inc, Echelon Corporation, Alcatel, Toshiba US, and many others.

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